Meet Our Animals

One of the main reasons guests young and old come to stay is to meet our friendly farm animals. There is plenty of opportunity to do this on Farmer Chris’ morning feed runs. Come and help feed the animals, collect the eggs , cuddle , stroke or scratch the animals. A real ` hands on ‘ experience for the whole family ! Once you have met the animals there is access to the animals all the time. There is nothing more special  than seeing your child interact with the animals , creating holiday memories and getting some great photos.

Misty the sheepdog

We have two dogs. Misty the sheepdog is the oldest and now is quite deaf. Farmer Chris couldn’t manage without Misty who loves to round anything up not just sheep ! Wait until you see her work all by whistle commands. This is sometimes accompanied by loud shouting because of Misty’s hearing. When she isn’t working she loves to play ball and will occasionally be found working with a tennis ball in her mouth !

Rosie the patterjack

Rosie the patterjack is our other dog. We often refer to her as our pirate dog because she only has one eye. Sadly, she had an accident when she was a puppy. Despite having one eye she is our successful resident ratter. All our animals earn their keep ! You will sometimes see Rosie with a tennis ball in her mouth. She doesn’t play ball but she likes to stop Misty playing. I expect this behaviour may sound familiar. She does however love a fuss and will happily be stroked all day ……

The Chickens

We have lots of chickens and three cockerels. It isn’t a farm without waking up to a cock – a – doodle – do ! By running a cockerel with our girls the chances of having chicks from Easter until late Summer are fairly high. Is there anything more magical then cuddling a chick ?

Our mini farmers love to feed the chickens and collect the eggs. Eggs always taste better when you have collected them yourselves. How are you going to cook yours ?

The Chicks

If you visit in the Summer we usually have either a broody hen sitting on eggs or chicks or if you are really lucky both! This is controlled by nature not us ……. I think newly hatched chicks are one of my favourite things. Chick cuddles are the best !

The Pigs

We have four Kune – Kune pigs. Two sisters Primrose & Petunia and brothers Rusty & Rooter. They love food and having their backs scratched. In the Summer one of the favourite jobs on the feed run is filling up the pig wallow. When the wallow is full the pigs roll in it to keep cool and cover themselves in mud which acts as a sun cream. It is hilarious. I hope you are lucky enough to see it !

The Alpacas

Cosmo, Chico and Coco are all boys. Their names were suggested by our followers on Facebook and Instagram. They have a most unusual smell, are shy, inquisitive and very vocal. Farmer Chris takes one on a walk every morning as part of the feed run. So if you have ever wanted to walk an Alpaca now could be  your chance !

The Ducks

We have four white Aylesbury ducks, who lay eggs every morning on Duck Island. The children love going over to the island to collect the eggs and will hopefully come back with dry feet ! Some mornings the Magpies and Crows have beaten us to it ! This makes Farmer Chris very cross !

The Ducklings

We no longer have a drake so none of our duck eggs are fertile. So now when we want ducklings we buy in day olds. During Covid and then Bird Flu there has been a shortage of all types of poultry. We are on a waiting list at a local duck farm and are hoping to have some again this Summer. Fingers crossed for duckling cuddles again soon !

The Lambs

Every Spring we buy in orphan lambs. This year we have fourteen, who are all very tame. In the Spring there is the opportunity to bottle feed the lambs. This is definitely one of the favourite jobs on the feed run – whatever the age of the guest !  Once they are weaned they eat grass and  sheep nuts which Farmer Chris’  helpers give them. Wait until you see how Misty  helps with this job……

The Miniature Shetland Pony

Everybody loves Moo ! Who is a miniature Shetland pony. He is too small to ride but he loves a fuss. Moo enjoys nothing more than coming in for his occasional pamper sessions. We can’t wait to get him another horsy friend……..

The Geese

At the moment we have seven Embden geese. Two pairs and some of their offspring. One of our geese, Bianca, usually hatches out a clutch of Goslings, once a year. Fingers crossed she will again this year ! Ghengis is our dominant Gander and is very bad tempered. It’s a very good idea not to go in their paddock without Farmer Chris !

The Goslings

Bianca usually goes broody once a year – but one year did go broody twice. This year she has already laid one large clutch of eggs and started to sit……Sadly for various reasons she changed her mind. So l don’t think we will be having any goslings this year ……. Lets wait and see.

The Goats

Snowy , Jethro and Denzel are our three Billy goats.. They are highly entertaining, in trouble daily and love a fuss being made of them. They will follow you to two of our play areas and the swimming pool. Where they will watch you in the pool while munching the Verbeena hedge around the pool !

Coming Soon ….

Watch this space to see who is arriving soon ……….